July 15, 2014

Pitas with Hummus, Radishes, Spinach & Feta

I'm on a pita lunch kick this summer because it's easy to vary pita fillings and they make a quick weekday lunch option.  The idea for a radish and hummus filling came from The Live-In Kitchen and I'm so glad Lindsay suggested the combination because it's a great one!

Slicing small items, like radishes, on my mandoline makes me nervous despite the hand guard so I pulled out the slicing disc for my food processor and was impressed with how quickly and easily it produced thinly sliced radishes.

I was happy to find pitas included in my big box of free items from Stonefire because I have a hard time finding pitas that aren't dry, which causes them to crack when being filled and they don't taste very good.  The Stonefire pitas I received were very soft, easy to fill and better tasting than any pitas I've tried before.  I only wish I could get a regular shipment of them.

For this filling combination, I chose my favorite type of hummus (Sabra roasted red pepper), along with arugula, spinach, radishes and feta cheese.  I thought the arugula and radishes together might be a bit too peppery but they were surprisingly good together.

I would love to hear suggestions for more pita filling combinations!  What's your favorite?  My other go-to pita lunch this summer has been the edamame pesto, feta & chickpea combo.


  1. We just tried Stonefire products for the first time yesterday, after discovering their naan at Costco. (I was so excited to find naan!) I liked it a lot. I think I'll try using it to make pizza with the kids next.

    Now I wonder if Costco carries the Stonefire pitas, too. Our local grocery chain (Hy-Vee) is really good, but pitas are one thing I've struggled to find there.

  2. This looks great! I'm always looking for easy, healthy lunches to pack for work, so these are perfect.

  3. I dislike buying pitas for the same reason, ripping when trying to fill them or ripping when u are just trying to pull it apart before even filling it. Speaking of Costco with the comment above, we just got a card there.

  4. What would we do without pitas? I have been doing a lot of falafil with our early CSA cukes.

  5. I seriously thought i had commented on this, but guess I didn't! These pita's look so great, love that you used radishes in them! I never know what to do with radishes besides put them on a salad, so to me this recipe is genius!