September 23, 2013

Sailing & Trader Joe's in Naples, Florida

If you google Trader Joe's in Naples, Florida you'll find reviews from people who drive there from the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area, where we live.  So it's not completely crazy that Chris and I drove nearly 2 hours today to stock up on our favorite Trader Joe's staples :)

The photo below is of a sign in their produce area which says the store opened February 10, 2012.  It was the first store ever in Florida and was mobbed on opening day according to Naples News. My favorite part of the sign is TJ's written with a heart around it in the sand.

I loved this particular store and only wish it was closer.  It was significantly bigger than other stores I've been in (formerly a Border's bookstore) and had cute beach decor, such as this manatee wearing a pilgrim hat selling pumpkins. 

Ok, so Trader Joe's is what put Naples on our radar, but in reality we visited today because we had heard great things about the area and we weren't disappointed.  We sailed on a catamaran for 3-hours with Cool Beans Cruises, which was an awesome experience...well, minus the part where I got seasick, but I'd still highly recommend it!

The captain of the boat was so friendly and made sure everyone always had a cold drink in their hand (wine, beer, soda and water were all included).  There were three other guests, two of whom were from Wisconsin (Cedarburg and Grafton), which was fun.

Our swimming skills were tested when we pulled up to Keeywadin Island.  The boat stopped (location pictured below), everyone looked at each and said "we have to swim from here?!"...and then the anchor dropped. 

We swam in the Gulf and then walked the shell-filled beach.  So how do you carry shells with you when you're swimming?  I cracked up as I saw women pulling shells out of their bikini tops after returning to the boat.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from the beach because Chris' waterproof iPhone case failed.  We had such good luck taking photos in the ocean around here, that we had no doubt it would be fine in the Gulf too...thankfully the case came with a full warranty.  After returning home I started looking for waterproof cameras on Amazon, anyone have a recommendation? 


  1. I can totally see you driving two hours to a Trader Joe's! What a nice side excursion to get out of it! Yes, trips like that are why I'm glad my kids all did/do swim team (unlike their landlubber mom).

  2. I am sorry to hear you got seasick and that Chris's waterproof iPhone case failed. Ugh! It looks like it was a great day otherwise, especially because it included a trip to Trader Joe's. I hope the one you get in Miami is nice and spacious.

  3. I love that you went sailing, it's the best, isn't it? I mean, besides for the seasickness : / Love your TJ's, the manatee is too cute!