September 15, 2013

North Hollywood Beach, Florida

When I told people I was moving to Miami, many said something along the lines of "it will feel like a vacation everyday" and while I think the novelty of beach will wear off, it was fun to check out a new spot this weekend.
Yesterday we headed to Hollywood, just north of us because I had read good things about an oceanfront restaurant named Latitudes.  I had an excellent vegetarian wrap that I want to recreate at home, but the ocean view was blocked by hotel cabanas. 

After lunch we unpacked our chairs and umbrella and headed to the beach.  The water is crazy warm right now.  Walking into the waves felt like sliding into bath water.  We cooled off with Bud Light lime-a-ritas, which is something I never thought I'd like.  A friend turned me onto them when I was boating with her and I have to admit that they taste great.

We got lucky with the weather yesterday.  Bright blue skies and not a drop of rain, which is unusual this time of year from what I've heard.  Did you know that Miami gets more rain than Seattle?  In fact, the top 10 wettest cities in the US are all in the south.  Today it's pouring rain, there's palm tree debris in the road and lightening is cracking across the sky.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the vegetarian wrap and your recreation of it at home. I had no clue that Miami was that rainy. It's dreary and raining here today, so not much different than there.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! You are making it pretty hard to feel sorry for you, whisked away from all your friends to a tropical paradise full of sandy beaches, ocean views and lime-a-ritas.

  3. I will envy you even more when we are having our Wisconsin winter!