July 04, 2013

Strawberry-Mango Passion Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing

I had the best salad when visiting Miami last week, which I was anxious to recreate at home after returning to Wisconsin.  It was my last trip before the final move in early September when I'll be reunited with my husband and cats!


This salad is so perfect for summer with a combination of mixed greens, strawberries, mango, dried cranberries and walnuts. The salad dressing I made is based on a Taste of Home recipe with just two ingredients - vanilla Greek yogurt and strawberries.

This past visit was my second time ever visiting Miami and it was nice to spend some time as a tourist, as opposed to last time when I unloaded a moving truck and visited exciting places like the DMV.

The beach near our new apartment is gorgeous and this time of year it's not too crowded because June has the least desirable weather (humid and rainy) for tourists.  I bought two cheap beach chairs and an umbrella at Target which were perfect for relaxing on the beach.

We chose our apartment based on the water views.  Miami is very densely populated, in fact it ranks third after New York City and Los Angeles, so we love the tranquility of our corner unit with views of the bay on two sides.

I took the photo below through our living room window early in the morning when the water was still.  The only water activity I've seen from our windows is a stand-up paddleboarder.  Speaking of which, I just read an article about SUP yoga which looks awesome.

Here's an angled view from our living room window.  I will be working remotely in Miami for the same Wisconsin company I currently work for and the view from "my office" is about to dramatically improve!

My mom and step-dad planned a trip to coincide with my visit which was really nice because they love the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, visiting frequently, so they know the area well.  My mom showed me her favorite stretch of beach and we walked for several miles, while my step-dad went deep sea fishing.

They also introduced us to some of their favorite restaurants.  Below is a photo of us in front of Carini's, an Italian restaurant in Hallandale Beach.  Chris loved Paquito's, a Mexican restaurant in Aventura, while I loved a restaurant with a strange name, Something Different.

Something Different advertises serving "Argentinian & International Cuisine."  In fact, Chris agreed to have lunch there with me because Argentina has such high meat consumption, he assumed the menu would be friendly to his meat-loving ways.  However, it's actually a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, which is one of the reasons I love it :)

My mom ordered the passion salad on our first visit, while I got a vegetarian crepe.  I liked my crepe a lot but a few bites of her salad convinced me that I needed to dine there again during my brief visit.  I think the version I made at home today tastes just as great, but I still plan to dine at Something Different on a regular basis.



  1. I'll be making that salad. Holy cow, love your apt views!! Miami looks like it will be very good to you!

  2. This salad would be a huge hit at our house... Your views really do look great!