July 18, 2013

Garden Update: Ark of Taste

Have you heard of the Ark of Taste?  It's an international catalog of heritage foods in danger of extinction which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement according to Wikipedia.

One of those foods is the Amish Paste Tomato, which is an Ark of Taste plant I purchased from Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast this year.  As many of you know, I dislike tomatoes but I still love growing them :)

This is what my Ark of Taste set looked like when I picked it up on June 1st.  The set included Amish Paste Tomatoes, Deer Tongue Lettuce, Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomatoes, Sheepnose Pimiento, Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries and Beaver Dam Peppers.

Check out the growth so far on my ground cherries!   It was my CSA that introduced me to ground cherries, which are small tomatoes with a high pectin count.  Now I'm just waiting for the husks to turn brown which will indicate the fruits have ripened.

Here's a look at everything growing behind my garage.  I also have quite a few herbs on my patio including rosemary, chives, oregano, basil and more parsley.
Did you know there's a Beaver Dam Pepper contest this year?  Just use the following hashtags to participate - #BeaverDamPepper #pepperazzi.  The photo below shows the progress of my peppers so far.
For those in the Milwaukee area, the following restaurants will be offering menu specials as part of the Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration on September 21 - Bavette La Boucherie, HinterlandJuniper 61, La Merenda, Meritage and Sanford.

Also, Slow Food WiSE will be showcasing the Beaver Dam Pepper in cooking demos at South Shore Market (Sept 7), Fondy Market (Sept 14) and Glorioso's Italian Market (Sept 21).  I only wish I was still going to be in Milwaukee in September!


  1. I hadn't heard of the contest--how fun! Your garden looks great! In the future you'll get to grow oranges!

  2. If I ever start a rock band in my garage, I'm going to call it Sheepnose Pimiento. Or the Beaver Dam Peppers, but that just seems too obvious, no?

  3. You always know so much about what is happening in this city, girl!

  4. No I have not heard of it. Thanks for the info. I love planting one or two new things every year in my garden. :)