April 25, 2013

Noodles & Company Spring Menu

Have you checked out Noodles & Company new spring menu yet?  I've been to Noodles three times since the menu was introduced two weeks ago, trying both the springtime flatbread and garden pesto sauté. 

My friend Jacquie and I split the flatbread...the two sans bacon pieces on the left were mine :)  We both really liked it, however a noodle bowl always stuffs me unless I get the small size, so it's tough to have room for flatbread too.

I have been ordering buttered noodles and broccoli since I first visited Noodles in 1996, which my co-workers make fun of because it's considered a kid dish.  I do mix it up occasionally, but typically fall back on my favorite.

However, the garden pesto sauté was so good that I'll definitely be ordering that until it's off the menu in early June, when asparagus is no longer available.  Jacquie took one look at the pecans in my noodle bowl and commented that she'd need a side of EpiPen to eat it :)  The thing is that Noodles is great about omissions and substitutions, so she could definitely order the same dish sans nuts and still be breathing at the end of the meal. 

How cute are the vases of asparagus flanking the sign for the new spring menu?  I've mentioned it before when I created buttered noodles at home, Noodles is by far my favorite quick dining place.  Mr Anti-Carb will even go there with me occasionally, and he always orders Japanese Pan Noodles.

I highly recommend trying one of the new spring menu items, or adding asparagus to your favorite noodle bowl.  This past weekend I picked up buttered noodles & asparagus to-go and it was amazing.  I love asparagus season and only wish it lasted longer.

Disclaimer: I was given coupons for two free noodle bowls by Noodles & Company. 

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