April 16, 2013

MKEfoodies at Wolf Peach {Milwaukee}

Tonight's MKEfoodies event was at Wolf Peach, the former Roots restaurant, which sits atop Brewer's Hill and provides an excellent view of Milwaukee.

I've only been to the restaurant once before and that's before it changed to Wolf Peach.  Do you know the history behind the name?  According to the website Tomatoes Are Evil, German folklore claims that witches used nightshade plants to summon werewolves.  In the 18th century, the tomato species was named lycopersicon esculentum, which literally means edible wolf peach.

I love all the windows in the main upstairs dining room and am looking forward to dining in that space the next time I visit, since I'd only been in the cellar (downstairs) portion of Roots.

90% of the staff stayed on during the transition from Roots to Wolf Peach, including Chef Dan Jacobs who spoke with us tonight.  For more information on both Wolf Peach and Dan Jacobs, check out this episode of Chef Talk.

The wood-fired pizzas at Wolf Peach are fantastic.  Pictured below a vegetarian version of their lamb sausage pizza which had mushrooms, leeks, chili oil and goat cheese.  Their margherita pizza was also perfect.

After stuffing ourselves with pizza we headed outside to enjoy the sunset and snap a few photos.  This is a photo of my friend Ernesto who is quite quickly becoming an excellent photographer. 

MKEfoodie events sell out quickly, with the proceeds benefiting a different charity each month.  Tonight's event raised money for The Gathering of Southeast Wisconsin.  Mark your calendars for the next event which is at Bourbon & Tunns in the Third Ward on May 23

photo by Ernesto Di Luccia
Molly, Lisa and Abby were all at the event tonight, which was fun.  Friends who love food and blogging combine two of my favorite types of friends :)


  1. I need attend one of these events, sounds like a blast for great causes! Love Wolf Peach, went there shortly after they opened. Had some of the best service in town!

  2. My hubby and I only got there once while it was still Roots. He still can't get over how much he loved the chicken he got. We should check out Wolf Peach soon!

  3. Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there!

  4. You've so got me craving pizza now!!