March 20, 2013

Jackrabbit Cookies

Are you into March Madness or could you care less?  Chris changed our plans tomorrow night, so he could be home to watch his alma mater, South Dakota State University.  I could care less about basketball, but as my dad and I made spring-themed cookies this week, I loved his suggestion to make jackrabbit cookies :)

This was my second attempt at stamping words onto cookies and while they were a little more legible this time around, it still didn't work very well, so I'm giving up on the idea.

Chris got a real kick of the jackrabbit cookies we made.  He's very proud of his South Dakota heritage and the fact that SDSU made it to "The Dance."

While it's fun to make cutout cookies, it can also be a real pain in the ass.  I was thankful my dad enjoys making them as much as I do because it's a much easier process with a buddy.

We setup pastry mats on opposite sides of the table with cookie sheets between us and cranked through the cookies in no time.

I got my pastel dyes out to color frosting for our spring shaped cookies.  Multiple colors always seems like a good idea until you realize you only have two offset spatulas and you like to switch colors with each cookie :)

These cookies are now tucked away in my freezer for safe keeping.  My grandma always kept cutout Christmas cookies in an unheated room of the house and I could never quite wait long enough for them to warm up, so to this day I find frozen sugar cookies to be the most delicious.

Both the sugar cookie recipe and vanilla buttercream recipe that I prefer come from my Betty Crocker cookbook.  They're the gold standard as far as I'm concerned when it comes to making holiday cutout cookies.


  1. I detest making roll-out cookies...but I LOVE eating them! These are so cute!

  2. These are so festive! The last time I made Easter cookies I tried piping out decorations on them and they turned out awful (though tasty). I should have just done this!