March 30, 2013

Friday Five

Do you think juicing is a fad or does it having staying power?  It seems like everyone I talk to lately is now juicing.  I tried to ignore the hype but this past week I caved and bought a Cuisinart Juice Extractor.  I blame Kohl's for offering a 35% employee discount that can be combined with coupons. 

The sheer size of the box caused me to rethink my purchase a few times as I made my way to the checkouts.  Merlot was kind enough to provide a size reference in the photo.  Keep in my mind that he's a 20 pound cat and the box dwarfs him.

I didn't wait long to get it out of the package and I couldn't believe how many parts there were to wash!  However I got it back together pretty quickly and immediately started juicing carrots, apples and oranges, which was pretty tasty combination.  Can anyone recommend a good source for juicing recipes?  I'm looking forward to trying more variations!

The weather has warmed up here in Wisconsin and it's finally starting to feel like spring.  I recently made cake pops with my dad that we sprinkled in pastel spring colors. 

We also dipped some pretzel rods in the leftover chocolate which I had to take into work because they were way too tempting at home.  My favorite was white chocolate with coconut and chopped almonds.

Meal planning last week for my dad's visit was so easy.  He just recently stopped eating meat, so the recipes on this blog were the perfect starting point.  One meal my dad chose was three sisters chili, which he loved and then recommended to his brother by texting a photo (on the right).

My uncle cracked me up by sending a text a few days later with the picture on the left and the following message "Three Sisters Chili and a glass of red for sup tonight.  We may turn into vegans...God forbid."

Chris and I had dinner at Juniper 61 this past week, which I chose because I love their lemon drop martinis and I wanted to use my CityTin coupon.  I ordered one of their specials which was an avocado spring roll with sesame seeds, spring greens, carrots, red pepper and cucumber served with a Thai peanut dipping sauce.

Are you a fan of Nigella Lawson?  I hadn't heard of her until Molly mentioned how excited she was to meet her at a recent Milwaukee event.  Related to the event, Lori got the opportunity to interview Nigella and it was Lori's post that convinced me I needed to read Nigella's book How to Eat.
It's a fantastic book, with a lot of great advice.   I jotted down a few things I liked in particular related to freezing food (Chris and I are currently debating getting a second freezer), convenience foods and eating locally.

Freezers -
"The freezer can easily become a culinary graveyard, a place where good food goes to die.  If no one, including you, liked the soup the first time round (and that's why you've got so much leftover) there is no point in freezing it."

Convenience Foods -
"Trimmed vegetables and packaged salads are pandering to laziness and inviting extravagance on a ludicrous scale, but be grateful for them.  If they taste good, don't worry about it.  No one has to be made miserable over cooking."

Eating Locally -
"Don't believe everything you're told about the greater good of eating foods only when they are in season.  The purists may be right, but being right isn't everything.  If you live in the Tuscan hills, you may find different lovely things to eat every month of the year, but for us it would mean having to subsist half the time on a diet of tubers and cabbage, so why shouldn't we be grateful that we live in an age of jet transportation and extensive culinary imports?  More smug goff is spoken on this subject than almost anything else."


  1. I so agree with Nigella on eating locally. Those of us who live on the tundra don't have a lot of options for a good part of the year.

    As a vegetarian, I'm always curious when someone else gives up meat. What was your dad's motivating factor?

    1. Agreed, canning and freezing local produce to eat year-round takes a lot of time and storage space. My dad's main motivating factor was Forks Over Knives.

  2. Your cat wants mouse juice...

    BTW, my peeps started to taste more meringue-like as they harden, so that was interesting.