February 12, 2013

Angelic Bakehouse {Giveaway}

Last week I attended a launch party at La Merenda for Angelic Bakehouse, formerly known as Cybros.  Owners James and Jenny Marino announced the name change on Facebook in January and are considering two new Milwaukee area locations for their bakery, which is currently in Waukesha.

Having previously only eaten their sprouted grain products at Cafe One 24, I was excited to try all the different food options at the launch party.  I really liked their pizza crust, as well as the bread pudding for dessert.

I shop at Woodman's at least once a week, but had never noticed they sell sprouted bread until this past weekend.  Luckily there's an overhead sign with the new logo which makes it easy to spot the location of Angelic Bakehouse products.

It was tough to decide what to buy and I ended up with three items - honey wheat with raisins, seven-grain hamburger buns and a seven-grain baguette.  I really liked all three, with my favorite being the hamburger buns which I enjoyed with black bean burgers.

At the launch party we received swag bags which contained a coupon for a free Angelic Bakehouse product.  Actually we were told to take two bags because they had extras, so I have two coupons to giveaway.
If you'd like to win two coupons for any Angelic Bakehouse product ($10 value), please send an email to karisann@gmail.com with the subject line "Angelic Bakehouse" before February 23 and I'll randomly pick one winner.  Please note these coupons are valid in-store only and cannot be redeemed online. 
2/23/13 update: Alysha is the winner of the giveaway.


  1. I'm bummed I missed the event but can't wait to try their products :)

  2. Those breads look delicious! I wish I lived closer so I could try them!

  3. You can order them on line at http://www.angelicbakehouse.com. Can't believe how cheap their prices compared to Ezekial bread.

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