January 01, 2013

Rose Bowl Food

Although neither Chris nor I watch football, we both like an excuse to eat game day snacks :)  So with the UW Badgers playing in the Rose Bowl today, we filled the coffee table with our favorites.

We had a very quiet New Year's celebration last night, so we were awake in plenty of time to watch the Rose Parade, which is my favorite part.

As we were driving home from the Twin Cities yesterday (my brother's wedding was a lot of fun!), Chris said to me "I'd like to buy a mortar and pestle."  This coming from the guy who complains that I buy too many kitchen gadgets. 

He had guacamole on the brain and picked up the necessary ingredients during a Trader Joe's stop on our way home.  It was so cute earlier today when he asked me if I wanted to photograph the ingredients before he made it.

While shopping at Trader Joe's I picked up English Coastal Cheddar and a Spanish cheese tapas sampler.  The English cheddar is one my new favorites.  They were sampling it a few weeks ago and I've purchased it three times since.

In fact, I just bought it this past weekend because I was in charge of snacks for the girls' room during the wedding prep time and every bridesmaid and both flower girls loved the cheese.

Yesterday was the first time I noticed the tapas sampler cheese pack at Trader Joe's.  We fell in love with Manchego during a visit to Madrid in 2007, so I was fairly certain we would like the Iberico and Cabra al Vino cheeses also in the pack.  It turns out that all three are delicious!

Wisconsin is known for excellent cheese, so I couldn't have a "Wisconsin Cheese" cheese board with only English and Spanish cheeses.  Therefore, I included two La Clare Farms varieties that were delivered with my last CSA box.

Hummus is one of the few items I've found that is better store-bought, especially Trader Joe's edamame hummus (I also like Sabra hummus).  It's good with carrots and Kashi pita chips, but my particular favorite is pretzels.

While shopping at TJ's last night, they were sampling Parmesan Pastry Pups.  As you know, I dislike the taste of most meat, but both Chris and I both loved them so we bought a box.  Frozen snacks like this are ideal for football parties because you can cook a few at a time throughout the game.

Despite our lack of interest in football we cheer for the Badgers because we both graduated from the University of Wisconsin.  Me in 2001 with an undergraduate degree in Consumer Science and Chris in 2006 with a PhD in in Comparative Biomedical Sciences.

Bucky needed to come out of winter storage for the game today.  I bought a hand-painted Bucky lawn ornament at the Menomonee Falls farmers' market a couple years ago from Joyce Gollakner, who can be reached at 414-321-2682 if you're interested in getting your own Bucky :) 


  1. Love the cheese platter and the variety! Manchego is a new favorite of mine as well after a beer tasting at a friend's house.

  2. I gained a few pounds snacking my way through the holidays, but the cheese looks like it should pass muster even now...