January 23, 2013

Milwaukee Cooking Classes

I was excited when Braise (one of my favorite restaurants) launched their cooking school this past fall, and today I signed up for my first class.  I've attended a few cooking classes in Milwaukee, but there are so many more I'd like to try.

September 2012 - Braise Restaurant

There are 12 venues in the Milwaukee area that I'm familiar with, which are listed below or Google Docs, if you prefer.  Please leave a comment with any that I have missed!  I've attended several classes at the Milwaukee Public Market, and so far it's my favorite location.

I've also listed the price for each class, however the cost can be somewhat deceptive because a full meal is included with some classes and at Braise a cocktail and appetizer are included.

July 2012 - Milwaukee Public Market Demonstration Kitchen

The American Club in Kohler ($35), about an hour from Milwaukee, is another great option especially since classes are on Saturdays. I'm familiar with the venue from attending the America's Test Kitchen demonstration this past fall and I'll attend my first cooking class there this spring.

November 2012 - The American Club Demonstration Kitchen

I feel like I still have a lot to learn in the kitchen, and as much as I love PBS cooking shows such as Martha Stewart and America's Test Kitchen, I find that I learn best in-person.

For the most part, I prefer demonstration style classes but if you prefer hands-on, you're in luck because half of the venues I've listed above offer hands-on classes.

Have you attended a cooking class in the Milwaukee area?  If so, what's your favorite venue?


  1. Mason Street Grill offers cooking classes and demos. And there's some great stuff going on through Dabble as well.

  2. Chris and I just did a Parisian one at Sur La Table on Friday that I plan to blog about. I enjoyed it. I also bought the macaroon class for myself and our Mother's to go to in Feb for Xmas. We also did one at Il Mito last year that was paired with wine and a full meal that was totally worth it.

  3. I'm amazed at how affordable these classes are! That's awesome!

  4. Allo! Chocolat in Waukesha offers a few different chocolate based classes. I attended one last Fall and my mom and I plan to attend another this Spring!

  5. I would love to take a class at the technical college for sauces. Or maybe the urban ecology center. I love your roundup though. So helpful!

  6. I did a couple of classes at the Wisconsin Club a number of years ago and one at the Inn at Kristofer in Door County. I signed up for Sushi with Dabble but it was canceled. Will have to look into these--thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice. I've never attend a cooking class and I'm very tempted to do so. All my cooking and baking were learn from watching my parents or TV show. A formal cooking class sounds like fun, especially a cocktail is included. ;)

  8. The Chef's Table in Walker's Point has classes, they are a little more expensive, around $150. Wine is included all night and after you learn how to cook, you are served everything you just made, in a 3-4 course meal, with paired wine!
    It's worth the cost, definitely more of an experience that just a class!

  9. Any vegetarian hands-on cooking classes that you know of that are open for 12 years old?

    1. No, unfortunately I'm not familiar with any vegetarian classes for kids in the Milwaukee area. I've heard good things about the classes at Willy St Co-op in Madison though.