December 03, 2012

Milwaukee at Night

After attending a food photography class tonight (more on that coming soon), Lisa and I took photos on the Third Ward/Walker's Point border near Graffito.

Night photography is tricky and my camera is pretty low-tech, but I'm happy with the first photo below which reflects Lisa's awesome suggestion to use the timer.

It was 61 degrees as we wandered around outside tonight.  Who would have thought on December 3rd in Wisconsin?! 

I experienced torrential rain as I was driving home, which made it difficult to see the road, but I'll take rain over snow any day.  It would be nice to have some snow before Christmas but there's plenty of time for that :)

The class was held at Graffito, and despite being tempted by their patio as viewed from multiple boat rides on the river, tonight was my first time there.  Graffito is closed on Monday nights, so we had the place to ourselves, which was very cool.

I'm looking forward to going back this summer to dine on the river and enjoy a cocktail on the patio.


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