December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Most people put kids on their Christmas cards but I think cats are just as cute :)  Here's a look at the front of our card.  The flip side said "This is why Santa doesn't leave presents for our cats." 

I used Shutterfly for the cards and I highly recommend their site.  I've ordered several photo books in the past but this was my first time ordering cards.  I love the fact that you can upload addresses through Excel and have them send the cards! 

Merlot loves milk, so I was fairly confident my photo idea would work, but it took several tries as you can see below.  I'm celebrating Christmas with my parents this morning and tonight Chris returns from Colorado from celebrating with his family!  Just in time to make a trek to the Twin Cities for my brother's wedding, a baptism, and a Packers/Vikings party.

Want to see more cute Christmas cats?  Check out Love and Olive Oil.  I'm really impressed their cats tolerated hats and scarves long enough for a photo.


  1. Loved your card! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. I know I "liked" it on Facebook too, but that is the cutest Christmas picture ever! Hope you had a great Christmas (I can see the cats did ;-) ) Thanks for the tip on Shutterfly (in case I get my act together next year)