December 04, 2012

Food Photography Class

I really enjoyed the food photography class taught by Joe Laedtke that I attended last night.  It was held at Graffito and included a salad, main dish and dessert created by chef Joe McCormick.

Finding the right angle was one of Joe's lessons.  Which photo below is more appealing?  Overhead shots can work, but in this case getting lower resulted in a much more interesting shot.

We were given the opportunity to try out some of Joe's equipment which was really nice.  Below is a photo of Lisa.  After trying out Joe's camera, I think a DSLR is worth the investment.

On the left is a photo I took using Joe's camera and on the right is a photo I took using my point & shoot.  For a cleaner comparison I did not alter either in PicMonkey, which I what I usually tweak photos with.

If you're interested in learning more about food photography, I highly recommend Joe's class.  I attended with a fun group tonight that included Molly, Abby and Inger, pictured left to right below.  Oh, and Joe is behind them :)


  1. Joe is a great photographer and I'm glad that I know someone that went. I couldn't justify spending money on myself in December, so I hope he does another one in early 2013!

  2. I went home after the class and looked up a lot of the equipment he used, Christmas list here I come! : )

  3. So much fun!! I've always wanted to take a food photography class!

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