December 05, 2012

Christmas Cookies

While googling recipes recently to make for a cookie swap, I came across a list of traditional Christmas cookies from Martha Stewart. I flipped through the slideshow curious to see if all of my favorites were included.

For the most part they were, I saw cut-out cookies, gingerbread men, thumbprints (more varieties than I ever imagined), spritz, and pfeffernussen (we call them Russian tea cakes)...all of which could be found on my grandma's 3-season porch each Christmas.
I almost bought some Christmas cookie cutters at Jo-Ann's this past weekend, but decided I should probably see what I had at home first.  I'm so glad I didn't buy them because I had forgotten how many Christmas cookie cutters I owned!

However, I'm still kicking myself for not buying the ninjabread men cookie cutters I saw at Target this past weekend.  So much cooler than gingerbread men :)
As I dug through my closet I found more Christmas baking related items including lots of sprinkles, a spritz cookie press I've never used, a Wilton Cookie Exchange book that I really like, and a silicone tree mold pan that I also have yet to use.
As I was looking on Amazon just now for a link to the cookie press, I wasn't sure if I had clicked the right one until I saw this message "Instant Order Update for Karis. You purchased this item on November 8, 2010."  Yep, that's the one I bought and have yet to use :)
I bought the tree mold pan with the intention of making tree shaped bark.  I was actually looking for a snowflake version after I saw this bark recipe on Pinterest but could only find trees.

What are your favorite Christmas cookies?  Do you like to bake all the varieties yourself, participate in a cookie exchange or buy them at a bake sale such as MKEfoodies holiday bake sale?


  1. I inherited my grandmother's 1950's Mirro cookie press and I want to use it, just because it was my grandmother's, but I've never been much of a cookie baker. I'd love some tips!

  2. Gah my Christmas holiday supplies pale in comparison to yours! I'm thinking I need more cookie cutters...