November 10, 2012

Milwaukee County Winter Farmers' Market

I finally visited the winter farmers' market for the first time today, and even better, Molly met me there and was a fun buddy to explore the market with.

One of the first booths we saw was one selling kale bouquets, which were so cool looking.  I only wish my cats didn't love to munch on any and all plants, otherwise I would have bought one.

This was the perfect weekend for me to visit because the fall/winter CSA boxes are delivered every two weeks, and I only have two lonely beets left from last week's box, so it was time to stock up on more veggies!

Today I picked up rainbow chard, a rutabaga, leeks, purple curly kale, spinach and celeriac.  Now I'm trying to decide what to make...maybe celeriac risotto, potato leek soup and squash with greens?  Not sure about the rutabaga, any suggestions?

Oh, and I can't forget the caramel sauce I bought from Becky's Blissful Bakery.  I've purchased her caramels at both Outpost and Sentry, but hadn't seen the caramel sauce available anywhere, so I was happy to get it today.

New this year, you can buy breakfast from Blue's Egg, who will be at the market in November and December.  According to a Journal-Sentinel article, Satellite Crepes will also have food available, but I didn't see them there this week and the market website says "dates to be determined."

Last month several bloggers and I met at Blue's Egg for brunch, and they're known for having quite a long wait to be seated.  As Molly said, this is a great way to enjoy Blue's great food without the wait!  

Some of the other items available that tempted me were fresh ravioli from Mia Famiglia in Hales Corners and bread from Water House in Lake Mills.

Both are restaurants that I've been meaning to visit.  Mia Famiglia participated in the Milwaukee Eat Local Challenge and there's a coupon for Water House in the Madison Locavore book that I recently purchased.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend visiting the market this winter.  It's easy to find on 84th Street, just south of Pettit.  Look for the G5 entrance and don't worry if there's a fee for special event parking because you can park at the Youth Center, where the market is, for free.

I really liked the market, and my only complaint would be that it was very crowded.  However, that's really a good thing because it means the people of Milwaukee are supporting local food producers!  Having the market in a slightly bigger space would be nice though :)


  1. I've got this on my list now. It sounds great and I love the poster for it too. Would have also bought the caramel sauce myself!

    1. The caramel sauce is amazing. It tastes just like her caramels, only melted :) Let me know when you're heading there, because I'm looking forward to going again.

  2. I went to this a couple times last winter. Being in a CSA really gets you addicted to good food, doesn't it!

  3. We just went to the market this past weekend & I thought it was pretty well done, especially considering it's held during the winter months. We made out with quite a few things (though not quite as many veggies as I'd hoped!) from Waterhouse & Decatur Dairy. I also picked up some ravioli from Mia Famiglia that I have yet to try. I'm only sad that we hadn't found out about this sooner! It was crazy crowded- they could definitely benefit from a bigger venue!
    P.S.- Blogged about our trip here