November 16, 2012

Friday Five

Hope everyone had a great week, I'm thankful it's Friday and am looking forward to spending the weekend in Madison!  My mom and I are attending the women's expo tomorrow and I'm going to a UW women's volleyball game on Sunday with my friend Tracy and her kids.

1 - Purple Smoothies
If you like adding greens to smoothies, but don't care for the unappetizing green hue it creates try adding purple kale instead.  I made a smoothie this week (4 cups total) with 1 bunch of purple kale, 12 oz of frozen mixed berries, 2 apples and 1 cup of orange juice.  Loved it!

2 - The Must List
Entertainment Weekly is one of my favorite magazines, and pretty cheap at only 50 cents an issue.  The Must List is typically dead-on with their recommendations, so I use it as a guide for my DVR, Netflix queue and Amazon wishlist.

Have you watched Martha Stewart's new cooking show yet?  I've seen the first 3 episodes (eggs, sauces and vegetables) and I really like the format and style.

3 - Cupcakes
Cupcake shops have become quite popular nowadays, which I think is great :)  I hadn't heard of Miss Julia's Bake Shop until I saw it recently in the same strip mall as my tailor in Brookfield.

My favorite shop is still Sprinkles Cupcakes in Washington, DC, however I will definitely stop into Miss Julia's again (this time I tried vanilla coconut which was great!)

4 - Food Magazines
A recent top ten list of food magazines surprised me because Taste of Home has the most paid subscribers and it's one of my least favorite recipe magazines.  Eating Well is on my favorites and it came it at number 10. 

I wasn't surprised by number 2, as I always tear out quite a few recipes each month while reading Cooking Light.  Reading not really the right word...skimming for non-meat recipes is more accurate.

5 - Beaujolais Nouveau
Did anyone else celebrate the release of beaujolais nouveau yesterday on the third Thursday in November?  I know at least one of my friends did because she posted a photo of her bottle on my Facebook page. 
Her photo (on the left) cracked me up because it looked like it could have been taken in my kitchen.  To demonstrate that, I posted a photo (on the right) too after retrieving my Wine Bible from the bookshelf :) 
Unfortunately, this year's release isn't great. I still remember how wonderful the 2008 version was, and I've been disappointed every year since then.


  1. I LOVE the idea to use purple kale in smoothies! I feel like so much of the issue people take with green smoothies is the color...but purple is perfect!

  2. My daughter and I hit Georgetown Cupcakes from TLC's DC Cupcakes when we were in Boston. This is one of the shots I really missed not having a camera for!

  3. I should add that I used to go out for the Nouveau every year. It would be fun to get back in the habit (though I guess I'll wait until next year).

  4. We just opened our bottle last night, and we both liked it. But then, I guess I don't have a 2008 to compare it to. :)