October 21, 2012

Kohler Arts Center and Stefano's Restaurants {Sheboygan}

I really enjoyed visiting Sheboygan this weekend.  The America's Test Kitchen event was great, but that was only an hour-long, so I had plenty of time to check out other places in the area.

After watching a Wisconsin Foodie episode on Stefano Viglietti's restaurants, and also hearing multiple recommendations, I knew I needed to stop into at least one.  Chef Viglietti has a total of four restaurants in Sheboygan, with three on the same block of 8th Street.

Il Ritrovo is the restaurant I've heard the most recommendations for, which is a wood fired Neapolitan styled pizzeria that opened in 2000.  It pains me to say that I've now been to Il Ritrovo but have not yet tasted their pizza, but I will be back soon to do so!

In fact, the only thing I ordered was an "Ironman" juice (beet, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger) from the raw juice bar at Field to Fork, which is a cafe serving breakfast and lunch that opened in 2005.

I also browsed the market in the shared space between the two restaurants for quite awhile, which has lots of great local items, as well as Italian speciality items.  While browsing, I literally bumped into Stefano Viglietti, who was quickly moving between the kitchen and the wine bar. 

Across the street is Trattoria Stefano, which is Chef Viglietti's original Italian restaurant that opened in 1994.  Locally it's known simply as Stefano's, and is known for authentic Italian food.

Not far from Chef Viglietti's restaurants is the Kohler Arts Center, which is a great art museum!  I really liked their current exhibit called The Kids Are All Right, which closes January 20, 2013.

"The Kids Are All Right addresses the bedrock theme of family as it is experienced in an age when love defines the family unit more than tradition, convention, the law or even blood."

My other favorite exhibit was Markus Hansen's Other People's Feelings (click Portrait), which closes December 2, 2012.  Using photography and video the artist created an empathetic image of himself and a paired individual. 

"By dressing like his partner subject and adopting their posture and facial expression, he achieves an uncanny expression of their feelings.  The end results are astonishing likeness, revealing such marked similarities that Hansen appears as though he is biologically related."

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