October 28, 2012

City Tins {Milwaukee}

I first heard of City Tins on the blog Food, Fun and Life in Waukesha, and was quickly convinced that I should buy a 2013 tin.  As luck would have it, I saw a Facebook post from The Ruby Tap this week advising that the 2013 City Tins are now available!

There are currently two editions, one for Milwaukee restaurants and one for Madison.  The list of Milwaukee dining choices included in the tin are amazing.  Each restaurant is either one that I already love or has been highly recommended to me.

When you open the tin, the first thing you see is a dinner spinner.  Love it!  I spun and landed on Hinterland, which coincidentally Chef Pampuch was just talking up the other night.  I'm thinking Hinterland might have to be our first redemption in 2013.

Each City Tin comes with 20 coasters to be redeemed for $10 off a minimum purchase of $25.  One aspect I love is that the minimum purchase includes both food and alcohol which many coupons do not. 

There are three coasters that provide a choice in restaurants which are aptly named "Diner's Choice."  For example, below is a coaster with Benelux on one side and Cafe Hollander on the other.  The coaster is good for one of the two restaurants.

Below is the Le RĂªve coaster which is an example of what the non-dining choice coasters look like.  Each coaster provides location information, chef names, an indication on price and reservation information.

I'm really looking forward to dining out in 2013 with my City Tin, trying new restaurants and visiting old favorites.  If you're looking to buy one, I'd recommend going to The Ruby Tap...after all, why not enjoy some wine when you buy your tin? :)


  1. I'd have to say that those listed are Milwaukee's best.

  2. This would make such a great gift. I heard about City Tins a few years ago at a speaking event by my work and the founder had a presentation.

  3. Yay - Thanks for the blog love and I know that you will love your CityTin - I got to try so many new restaurants in 2012 that I might never have gone to!