October 07, 2012

Blogger Brunch at Blue's Egg

We had our second blogger brunch today and the group is getting bigger, which is fun :)  Inger, Alysha, Erica, Lisa, Molly and I ate at Blue's Egg near Wauwatosa, which was a first for five of us.  Now I see what all the hype is about, because their food is fantastic!

With each recommendation I heard for Blue's Egg, I was also told to expect a very long wait (about an hour), so Lisa and I arrived at 9am to get our name on the list for our 10am meetup.  As it turned out, our name was called just 30 minutes later! 

I think the cold weather this weekend, and an early Packers game may have resulted in a smaller crowd today.  A friend told me that she rarely has to wait for a table when she arrives around 8am, so if you're an early riser, I'd recommend heading straight to Blue's.

We started our meal by selecting drinks from their fall brunch cocktail menu.  I chose a mimosa-type drink which combined Door County cherry juice and prosecco.  It tasted great, and I think it'd make a perfect holiday brunch beverage.

Blue's is known for their hashbrowns and monkey bread.  I tried their hashbrowns on the side of my roasted vegetables with fried eggs, which were good, but next time I'm getting the monkey bread :)

After brunch, I headed to Outpost Natural Foods since I was in the area.  I was hoping to find some good apples, but unfortunately the crazy weather we've had this year decimated the Wisconsin apple crops.  I'm glad I was able to get some at Barthel's last month!

Instead of apples, I picked up cranberries and a pomegranate.  The fact that these two fruits are now available reminds me that the holidays are just around the corner.  As does my mailbox, which has been filled with Thanksgiving themed magazines lately.

Outpost is one of the best places in Milwaukee to find locally made items.  Today, I picked up Sangria by Lovino, Pasture Pride juusto cheese and Rishi Tea

I tried juusto cheese at the Eat Local Resource Fair this summer, and was anxious to buy it because it reminds me of fried cheese curds.  I bought Rishi tea because it's served at Rocket Baby Bakery and I really liked their tea that I had there yesterday.

Despite the cold weather, I had a very enjoyable and relaxing Sunday.  It's always fun getting together with other bloggers for many reasons, including the fact that I'm not the only one photographing my food :)


  1. I wish I would have known before that Blue's was known for Monkey Bread. I love that stuff!

  2. Brunch was so much fun! I was shocked that you bought cranberries already--winter will be just around the corner!

  3. Super fun blogger meet-up! I did hear about the apple shortage this year and I'm getting nervous about it...I don't know if I can live without apples come winter!