September 19, 2012

HighCross Farm - CSA Potluck and Farm Tour

I've been a CSA member of HighCross Farm since 2010, yet until this past weekend I had never visited the farm.  Each year Farmer Steve and his wife Kath host CSA potlucks and farm tours, but the timing hadn't worked for us in the past. 

I'm so glad we were finally able to visit because both Chris and I had a great time!  It was so much fun touring the farm, chatting with Farmer Steve and his family, and enjoying a potluck dinner with fellow CSA members. 

The event started with a tour of the farm via a hay wagon ride.  We passed by their horses and then traveled into the woods.  Check out how many kids were on one of the hay wagons!  Definitely a family-friendly event.


The Milwaukee River meanders through the farm, and we crossed it twice on our hay wagon tour.  HighCross Farm is 80 acres, with 20 tillable acres and a half-mile of river frontage.

Pictured below are the hoop house and vegetable fields.  The bottom right photo is a good look at their drip tape irrigation system, which feeds from the house well.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the walking tour through the fields led by Farmer Steve.  He suggested that everyone bring a bag along and he shared his harvest, cutting lavender, digging up potatoes and letting everyone pick berries.
We haven't gotten melons in our CSA boxes yet this year, but check out the cantaloupe and watermelon that we should be getting soon!

It was cool seeing everything growing that we receive in our boxes each week, such as tomatoes, rainbow chard, berries and tomatillos. 

We even got to meet the family pets during our visit! 

Another aspect I really enjoyed about the event was getting the opportunity to chat with other CSA members.  For example, when the topic of purslane came up, it seemed that everyone either loved or hated it.

I recently came across a great Garden Fork video, which provides more information on purslane.  From a quick look at their website, it appears they have other interesting videos as well.


  1. One of my CSAs does an October Harvest Party that is a can't-miss event for us!

  2. What a beautiful farm! I hadn't heard of HCF until you mentioned it. They seem like a great place to get a CSA from.

  3. Gorgeous photos! How fun to tour the farm that you've been eating from for the past 2 years. That's really cool - I wish more people could be as connected to farms and farmers as this.