September 09, 2012

Eating Locally: Barthel Fruit Farm {Milwaukee}

Barthel Fruit Farm in Mequon is my favorite local place to get strawberries, sugar snap peas, pears, apples and pumpkins.  Last year we visited twice and picked our own fruit.

Unfortunately, this year only 15% of apple crop survived so there are no pick-your-own apples.    However, they do still have apples available for sale!
It was so different visiting Barthel this weekend.  I'm accustomed to lots of people and employees directing traffic when I arrive.  Instead, just a sleeping dog greeted me as I went inside the stone building to purchase apples.

I selected one peck of Cortland apples which are my favorite apples for munching.  I will likely head back again this fall to buy more apples for baking...assuming they're still available.

Also available for sale were tomatoes and pears.  I really wanted to buy pears too but was afraid it'd be too much fruit for Chris and I to eat.  Lots of varieties of heirloom tomatoes available, which I imagine would be tempting to people who like tomatoes, unlike me :)

I highly recommend visiting Barthel Fruit Farm for apples and pears this autumn.  This year it is especially important to support the farmers who weathered through the drought this summer.

Barthel Fruit Farm
12246 N Farmdale Rd, Mequon


  1. My CSA owner says that Barthel's does a good job with their Integrated Pest Management so you may be getting fewer pesticides than with a random apple too.
    I am soo sad about the poor apple harvest this year--I froze "seconds" last winter and baked so many nice things...

  2. I cannot believe how affected they were by the lack of rain. How sad!