September 25, 2012

CSA Box - Meal Ideas

CSA boxes become heavy this time of year and I was blessed with even more CSA produce after attending the CSA potluck and farm tour last weekend, so I have been making an extra effort lately to find a use for each and every CSA item.

My go-to CSA breakfast is scrambled eggs with peppers, onions and greens (though greens are not pictured below) with a side of potatoes.  For a quick weekday breakfast, substitute toast for the potatoes.

When I'm not sure what to do with say 3 pounds of eggplant that I ordered from the CSA webstore (totally hypothetical), I start looking at which recipes I could make substitutions in. 

Lentil pilaf with carrots & greens seemed like a great choice, and eggplant worked beautifully instead of carrots.  For the greens I added kohlrabi leaves, arugula and Asian greens.

Have you ever tried radishes with egg salad? I highly recommend it and even Chris loved it. My egg salad is pretty simple. I add a little mayo, brown mustard and green onions...or leeks the size of green onions which were planted too close together, either one will work :)

Oh, and I follow Elise's method for the perfect hard boiled egg.  It's an easy method that really does result in perfect hard boiled eggs.  I have trouble remembering to order eggs each week, but I definitely prefer the eggs that are available for delivery with our CSA boxes.

One of my recent favorite dishes is a simply sauteed vegetables with pesto.  Lately, I've been sauteing peppers, eggplant and onion.  Delicious!

When I first made this combination, I intended to have it with pasta but it was so tasty I decided to have it sans pasta which is very unusual for this carb lover.

If you're still stumped on what to do with your CSA veggies, I recommend soup...especially this time of year.  Our heat kicked on recently for the first time this season, and I got out my crockpot the same day.  I added summer squash, carrots, kale, onions and kohlrabi, in addition to cannelinni beans and barley.

I recently purchased two Kindle books that I really like.  Ok, so technically I don't have a Kindle, but my computer works just as well for reading these e-books for only $2.51 each :)

The first is Put 'em Up!: A Comprehensive Home Preserving Guide for the Creative Cook, from Drying and Freezing to Canning and Pickling.  I'm scared of canning but the freezing advice is really helpful.  My recently purchased FoodSaver has seen a lot of action these past two weekends.

I liked the look of Recipes from the Root Cellar: 270 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Winter Vegetables because the fall/winter CSA share will be here before I know it.  It's easy to lose steam after 20 weeks of summer share deliveries, so some new recipes for a bargain price are appreciated.

What's your favorite way to use CSA vegetables?  Advice and suggestions are always appreciated!


  1. I was actually looking at Put 'Em Up the other day on Amazon. I'm looking to can my own apple pie filling and there are so many books out there. Are there any unique canning recipes in there?

    1. I like the way Put 'Em Up is written, such as the section titled "Things That Will Surely Get You into Trouble." The recipes seem to be a mix of traditional and unique recipes, about 50/50...although no apple pie filling recipe :(

    2. I actually found a recipe on All Recipes (I've had really good luck with that site). I'm thinking that will be a fun project for this weekend!