August 16, 2012

The Yard at The Iron Horse Hotel {Milwaukee}

After visiting the Harley-Davidson Museum this afternoon for a department work outing, a co-worker made the fantastic suggestion of stopping at The Iron Horse Hotel for a drink.

We had heavy rain here this morning, but by 4pm the sun was out and the weather was ideal for sitting in The Yard (their outdoor bar).

The Harley-Davidson Museum is not my idea of a good time, but if you find yourself forced to go there like I was, it is nice that The Iron Horse Hotel is close by. I was surprised to see just how close it was as we crossed a bridge connecting two building in the museum.

Don't get me wrong, the museum is very nice and many people in our group loved the tour. I just have zero interest in motorcycles.

Since we arrived at The Yard around 4pm, I figured we would get to take advantage of some drink specials. Happy Hour is something I rarely make it to since I typically work until 6pm. Sadly, The Yard offers no drink specials...ever.

So I sipped my $13 margarita and enjoyed being outside in the sun on a work day at 4pm :) If you're into beer, bottles were $5. I wish I liked beer, it'd be so much cheaper to go out.

The Yard is known for their Back Yard Pizzas which are made in a wood-burning brick oven. I chose their Makin' Bacon pizza, which was delicious and contains local ingredients.

My pizza choice had Nueske's smoked bacon, caramelized onions, roasted Yukon gold potatoes, Clock Shadow Creamery Quark cheese and fresh herbs.

I love the atmosphere of The Yard. Colorful sail canopies provide shade, and there was a wide choice of comfortable seating on a weekday :)

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