August 30, 2012

Eat Local Challenge

I haven't been cooking lately and I really miss it.  I loved having guests recently, as you might have noticed from all the blog posts on my Milwaukee blog, and it'll be fun to see more people over the long holiday weekend, but I'm also looking forward to getting back into my kitchen on September 4.

Knowing we'll be busy all weekend, I offered my CSA box to Lisa who gladly accepted.  I'll be dropping it off tomorrow on our way out of town.  Everything is chilling in my refrigerator right now, except the basil and tomatoes. 

When I return, I plan to dive right into the Eat Local Challenge, which officially runs September 1st-15th.  I was definitely inspired after the attending the Eat Local Resource Fair this past weekend, such a great event!   

Who else is up for the challenge?  I'd love to hear your tips and advice for eating locally.


  1. I live in Tosa and Sentry on State & Outpost have tons of local products. They usually have little signs by them stating how many miles away things were brought in from or the town they were produced. It goes from veggies, bread, meat, eggs and beer. Happy shopping!

    1. Great advice! I just recently renewed my Outpost membership and I really need to shop there more often.

  2. I did the eat local challenge last year. I bet it will be really easy for you with a CSA and eating mostly vegetarian.

  3. I'm doing an eat local challenge here in the northwest. We use a service called "full circle" and they have pick-ups of fresh, local veggies. It is seriously the best membership I have ever subscribed to!