August 19, 2012

Blogger Brunch

I really enjoying spending time with fellow food bloggers.  Luckily, there are quite a few local bloggers, so it's fairly easy to get together.  Today I hosted brunch and was joined by Erica, Lisa and Alysha.  Such a fun group of ladies to chat with!

I intended to take photos of brunch, but got a tad behind cooking this morning, so the two food photos you see below are courtesy of Lisa.  It reminded me a bit of Thanksgiving, in that I had three menus items I needed the oven for, all at different temperatures.

Luckily my dining table is in the kitchen, so I could easily chat with the ladies while I cooked.  I made cinnamon-sugar donuts and a veggie frittata with foil packet potatoes.  In addition, I setup a Greek yogurt bar with various options for toppings.

So what's the difference between breakfast and brunch?  Alcohol, of course.  We sipped mimosas made with Luccio Prosecco. 

Last weekend I tried making bellinis for the first time, which should have been easy, it's just peach puree and prosecco.  While I did not like my homemade bellinis, I did like drinking orange juice with the remaining prosecco, which is why I purchased it again for mimosas today.

Everyone brought thoughtful items with them to brunch today.  In fact, as soon as the ladies left, Chris asked if he could try the Bloody Mary mix that Alysha brought (Murph's Original made here in Milwaukee).

Oil and vinegar from Oro di Oliva always makes an excellent gift.  I have several bottles in my cupboard, and have given many bottles as gifts.   

The best part of a bloody mary are the garnishes.  For Chris' drink, I created a skewer of Alysha's homemade pickles, pearl onions, summer sausage, grape tomatoes, Clock Shadow Creamery cheese curds, olives and a mushroom to cap it off.

After reading a recent review of c.1880 (aka Circa), a new restaurant in Milwaukee, I thought it'd be fun to put together a source list for my brunch ingredients.  It also helped me figure out yesterday what I still needed to buy from the farm stand near my house.

I couldn't help but poke fun at the fact that c.1880 copied L'Etoile's sources, and received a downgraded rating as a result.  When I checked their Sources page today, I received a 404 error, so it appears they are trying to rectify their mistake.

August 19th, 2012 - Blogger Brunch Menu

(actual source list - not copied from L'Etoile)

Baked Maple Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts
·    cake flour - King Arthur Flour
  • egg - Elysium Ranch (delivered with CSA box)
  • vanilla Greek yogurt - Chobani
  • maple syrup - Trader Joe's
  • cinnamon - Penzey's 
Vanilla  Greek Yogurt Parfaits
·         vanilla Greek yogurt - Chobani
·         raspberries and blueberries - Pick n' Save
·         vanilla almond granola, almonds, pecans - Pick n' Save bulk bins 
Veggie Frittata & Foil Packet Potatoes
  • eggs - Elysium Ranch (delivered with CSA box)
  • Fondy Jack goat cheese - LaClare Farms (delivered with CSA box)
  • tarragon and parsley - my container garden
  • salt and black pepper - Penzey's
  • summer squash - Fussville Farm Stand in Menomonee Falls
  • green bell peppers - HighCross Farm CSA box
  • yellow onion - Fussville Farm Stand in Menomonee Falls
  • garlic cloves - HighCross Farm CSA box
  • kale - my container garden
  • potatoes - Fussville Farm Stand in Menomonee Falls
Cantaloupe - Fussville Farm Stand in Menomonee Falls


  1. This was the best brunch ever. I could easily do this once a week! BTW, I had no idea the doughnuts were so healthy!

  2. Nice recap! It was all wonderful of course. I forgot to mention that I was browsing your blog last Thursday trying to find out if you had ever mentioned which olive oil you like from Oro and was seriously salivating over looking at all your recipes at once. I ended up printing the beet & goat cheese salad, summer squash gratin and the donuts! Thanks again!

  3. What a fun idea! Next time y'all do this blogger brunch, shoot me an email so we can stock you guys up with some CHO! amy.keefe[at]chobani dot com. Let's chat. :)