August 13, 2012

Baby Cake & Quinoa Stir-Fry

Today was my boss' surprise baby shower at work, which I helped host.  We decided we would use all the money we collected for gifts, instead of buying a cake, so I made one instead.

I loved the results of the 4th of July cake I made last month, so I decided to do a light blue layer instead of red to in honor of their soon-to-be baby boy.  I was kind of wishing they didn't know the gender because I think light blue and light pink would also make pretty layers :)

This probably doesn't look like an easy cake to make, but I promise it is, especially if you're using a box mix and pre-made frosting.  The firecracker element to the frosting drizzle isn't as appropriate for a baby shower cake, but I just went with what I knew. 

One of my go-to recipes this summer has been quinoa stir-fry.  It's just so easy to make, and I love that I can add almost any CSA or container garden vegetable.  It also helps that mister I-hate-carbs approves of the protein content due to the use of quinoa.

Today's combination included sweet onions, carrots, and bell peppers.  I think sunflower seeds and almonds are essential to this stir-fry. 

This weekend I picked the first two bell peppers from my plants and added them the stir-fry, along with Swiss chard from my container garden.  From my CSA box, I added carrots and sweet onions.  My chard has seen its better days, but the peppers and tomatoes are in full force now.

This past weekend I created a page on Facebook for this blog. There's a blogging group I'd like to join, and unfortunately it's mandatory to have a Facebook page. I love Facebook, but I dislike the idea of having one additional area of social media to update.

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  1. Stir fry looks amazing. I've never made quinoa?! And good god on all the social media sites! I couldn't keep track of all that so hats off to you!