August 30, 2012

August 26: Things to Do in Milwaukee

We woke up to rain on the final day of Chris' sisters' visit. We got off to a slow start, so we debated if we should go out for a late breakfast or an early lunch, since I needed to be at the Pabst Theatre at 1pm.

We ended up at the Milwaukee Public Market and it was an ideal choice. It's one of my favorite places to eat with a group of people because everyone can choose what they like - from seafood to Mexican to vegetarian to Middle Eastern, there's something for everyone.

Chris chose sushi and everyone else choose food from The Green Kitchen. I ordered herbed egg salad and a Red Rooster juice which has apples, beets, limes and strawberries.

Both the sandwich and juice were outstanding, and it felt great to get healthy food in my body after eating so much bar food earlier in the weekend.

The Green Kitchen was a really popular option for food in the market. We waited in a long line to order, and then waited again for our sandwiches and juice to be prepared.

Not that we minded the wait. It was awesome to see the hard-boiled eggs being cracked for my egg salad sandwich and everything prepared fresh. Chris' sisters did shots of wheatgrass while we waited :)

I took the photos below as we sat on the second level of the market eating lunch, and was thinking about what a great place it was to visit during rainy weather. After we finished eating we headed back downstairs to browse the non-food vendors.

From the market, we headed to The Pabst Theatre where I got dropped off for a Blogs & Books meeting. While I discussed The Happiness Project with fellow Milwaukee bloggers, Chris and his sisters headed to the Safe House.

The Pabst Theatre was a cool venue for our book club meeting. It was my first time inside, and now I'd really like to return for a concert.

Sara and Colleen were great hosts. Loved the book they chose, and all the little details of the event such as fresh flowers from Fresh Design, notebooks from Monograham, and spiced pecans from Treat Bake Shop.

Chris and his sisters had a great time at the Safe House, while I was at book club. I resisted when Chris suggested visiting the Safe House last summer, but it's actually a fun little place. Even he enjoyed it the third time around.

Just on the other side of the Safe House is the Bronze Fonz, so we decided to brave the rain and hit the Riverwalk. Sunday was the first time I saw the Fonz "decorated." Someone had left two loaves of bread for him, which was quite amusing.

I have a quite a few photos of our various Milwaukee guests posing with their thumbs up, so I decided to do something different when I posed with the Fonz. Oh, and in case you're wondering...I got my sweet red shades for free from Yelp and we replaced the bread before we left :)

We made our way down the Riverwalk to see Gertie and her ducklings on the Wisconsin Avenue bridge. I've walked by the statue many times, but didn't know the history behind it until taking a Pizza Bus tour.

We ended our Riverwalk tour at John Hawk's Pub, home of the only British phone booth I've seen outside of England. I still find it amusing that we never posed like this while living in England, yet after moving to Milwaukee we have multiple photos with the phone booth :)

We saw quite a bit of Milwaukee over three days, but there's still so much more to explore! I was happy that we got to try some new places, even though some were disappointing (Barnacle Bud's!). We have lived in Milwaukee for four years now, and I feel like we're just starting to get to know the city.

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  1. I'm from out of town but I seriously love Milwaukee. The riverwalk was really fun except I made the mistake of wearing flip flops but besides that it was awesome. I also was able to go to a concert at the Pabst Theater, I looked at their new shows at their site and I'm probably gonna head down again. Does it ever get super hot during the summer?