July 24, 2012

Milwaukee's Big Taste at Discovery World

This past Sunday evening was my first, and likely last time, attending Milwaukee's Big Taste. Don't get me wrong, the food was quite good, and the venue was fantastic, but it didn't seem like it was worth the ticket price.

I couldn't help but compare the event to Feasting for Fido, which had a better food selection, alcohol was included in the ticket price and there was no disparity among event attendees.

At the Big Taste, tables were reserved for big spenders. So if you weren't in the cool crowd, you fought among the peons for access to six random unreserved tables, several of which were outside in the rain.

Pictured below are a few of the food samples our group of four picked out. See the pork sandwich on the top left? My brother loved that sandwich and couldn't stop raving about it. It was from Catch 22, which is near Cathedral Square.

A couple restaurants offered non-alcoholic versions of their famous cocktails, such as INdustri Cafe's Bloody Mary's. They informed us they were not allowed to add alcohol because the Big Taste didn't want any restaurants competing with the cash bar.

The salted caramel ice cream from Sassy Cow was definitely one of my favorite samples of the evening. Along with Fleance cheese from Cedar Grove that was available at the Clock Shadow Creamery table.

The rain held off long enough to allow us to walk the pier and enjoy an amazing view of the Milwaukee skyline. Pictured below is Discovery World, with the Big Taste tent on the right.

I enjoyed hearing the Phil Vassar concert from across the water at Festa Italiana. In fact, I had "Phil Vassar" stamped on my hand from attending the Italian celebration earlier in the day. I think it's a novel idea to use the name of the performing artist for that evening as the re-entry stamp.

We hung out on the pier for awhile, thinking we might stay for the fireworks, but decided to head home instead. It really was a gorgeous evening, with a spectacular view though.

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