July 31, 2012

Kickapoo Country Fair hosted by Organic Valley {SW Wisconsin}

I had never heard of the Kickapoo Country Fair, hosted by Organic Valley, until reading about it on the blog Driftless Appetite. After determining that it was only 10 miles away from our campsite, I knew I needed to attend. Even better, a few days later the blog Haute Apple Pie offered a ticket giveaway and I won four tickets!

Organic Valley is in La Farge, Wisconsin and their headquarters are amid gorgeous surroundings. Typically there are few employment options in small towns, so it's great to see an employer with a great reputation headquartered in such a small town (population 775).

The fair started in 2004, and according to their site, here's why Organic Valley hosts the fair each year -
  • To be together.
  • To eat, laugh, and learn together.
  • To share this gorgeous paradise in which we live, farm and work: The driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin.

I love any fair that offers a "Culinary Campground" in which you can learn about pantry basics, pesto, home cheese making, and food pairings. Below is a photo of Michel Nischan who demonstrated how to make grilled chicken breasts stuffed with pesto cheese.

Janine MacLachlan spoke about how to optimize your farmers' market experience and I intended to buy her book, Farmers Markets of the Heartland, but unfortunately I couldn't find any copies by the time I arrived at the book tent.

I would have loved to stay for Cowboy Mouth who performed on the main stage at 8:30pm, but unfortunately we had to get back to our campsite at Wildcat Mountain in order to cook dinner before the sun went down.

I couldn't leave before buying something from the Grazin' Garden though. Wisco Pop looked most interesting, so I chose a root beer float, which was perfect on a hot summer day. Although the pizza was also very tempting!

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