July 23, 2012

Honeypie in Bay View {Milwaukee}

I've lived in Milwaukee for almost exactly four years now, and somehow had not yet made it to Bay View until this past weekend. We ended up walking quite a bit of it, due to a bike race that blocked access to the restaurant, and it seemed like a great neighborhood.

Five of us had dinner at Honeypie on Saturday night, and I am not exaggerating when I say it was a 3-hour dinner (I have time-stamped photos to prove it!). There were many things I liked about Honeypie. Prompt, attentive service was not one of them.

5:30pm - Arrival

Near our table was a list of Honeypie's local farmers and vendors. I was happy to see HighCross Farm on this list, as well as Purple Door and Sassy Cow which make some of my favorite ice creams.

5:45pm - Waiting to Order

Our waiter was slow from the very beginning which provided a realistic expectation for the remainder of the evening. I should point out that the restaurant was not busy, and we were given no explanation for slow service other than a "paper jam."

I was very happy with my drink order of a summer sangria. In general, I'm not a fan of white wine, but their sangria made with Gew├╝rztraminer was really good.

Although our waiter's appearances were infrequent, each one was amusing. When our drinks were served minus one, we were told that the bartender dropped the last can of IPA beer, and he was waiting for it to settle.

6:15pm - Drinks Arrived

We ordered house made pretzels with beer cheese, which was an excellent appetizer. The pretzels were quite buttery, and not what I was expecting, but delicious nonetheless.

6:30pm - Appetizer Served

For dinner I ordered a Rich and Charlie's Salad with a corn muffin on the side. I love corn muffins, and was looking forward to trying their house made version. Unfortunately, my salad was served sans corn muffin, and I completely forgot about it until after we had finished eating.

7:15pm - Dinner Served

So at this point, the length of our meal had taken on a comical note. Even our waiter appreciated how ridiculous it was. As he approached the table to clear our dinner plates, he apologized for the slow service and offered us free pie if we were willing to stay even longer.

The photo below is of my brother's piece of coconut cream pie because it was fantastic. I ordered peach pie, which was not nearly as good because it had way too much nutmeg.

8:00pm - Dessert Served

8:30pm - Check Arrived...and we are freed from what felt like it was becoming a hostage situation.

The food at Honeypie was very good. I loved the atmosphere, and despite the slow service our waiter was actually quite nice, and did provide us with some funny memories of the evening. Here are a few quotes from our waiter...
  • "I think there might be a paper jam."
  • "I have confirmed there is a paper jam."
  • "I don't really know what's going on, but I'm sure it's my fault."
  • "The plot thickens." (in relation to many types of pie not being available)
  • "I can't believe you're still here."

I was also amused when someone in my group asked the waiter what Milwaukee Mud pie was. The waiter replied "I don't know, but I can find out." The guy in my group said "It's ok, please don't leave."

My pregnant sister-in-law noticed on her many trips to the restroom that the tables around us had different customers on each trip. It appears the paper jam issue related solely to our table.

Honeypie - 2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee (Bay View)

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