July 18, 2012

Farmers Markets

I typically avoid my local farmers' market because it's on Wednesdays, which means going on my lunch hour.  Also, I risk having way too much produce after receiving my CSA box on Thursday.  We're having guests visit this weekend though, so today I took the risk :)

I picked up potatoes, a cucumber, sweet onions, beans, shallots and bell peppers.  The one aspect I really like about the Menomonee Falls farmers' market is that it's never crowded, so it's really easy to chat with the farmers.

Not surprisingly, the most popular topic of conversation today was the weather.  One farmer I spoke with could tell me exactly how much rain every neighboring community received, within a 50 mile radius!  Unfortunately he had received 0 inches of rain in Brownsville, as of this morning, despite recent rain in the area.

Yesterday I came across a Berkeley Guide to Storing Fruits & Vegetables which I think is really helpful.  The goal of the guide is to avoid using plastic bags for storage.  I was happy that I remembered to bring my reusable bags today.  Only the beans came home in a plastic bag because they were pre-packed.


As I was walking through the farmers' market today, I was thinking about an article I read recently by Anne Maxfield (blogger at Accidental Locavore).  She says...

"Remember, all this beautiful food is really labor intensive. It's planted, weeded and harvested, primarily by hand. Trust me, these guys work hard, harder than you or I. If prices seem higher than at a big supermarket, be thankful you have access to the remarkable taste that only comes from something being picked that morning, at the peak of flavor. Not to mention the variety. Even at the best stores, you never see twenty different kinds of eggplants or forty varieties of tomatoes."

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  1. Greetings–wanted to let you know that I just gave you the “Addictive Blogger” award for luring me in to your fun and tasty posts. For more info see: http://artofnaturalliving.com/2012/07/19/chicken-piccata-gift-bags-and-an-award/