July 08, 2012

Cookies with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

Have you tried Trader Joe's cookie butter yet?  I resisted for quite awhile, even though every blogger I follow was raving about it or maybe it just seemed that way :)

After purchasing it for the first time this past week, I was immediately in love.  It's similar to peanut butter, yet so much better.  I was curious to see how my favorite peanut butter cookies would taste with cookie butter substituted and they are fantastic.

If you think these cookies look like they're missing a mini Reese's cup, you're right.  My favorite peanut butter cookie recipe is the same recipe used for peanut butter cup cookies.

So if you like chocolate, unlike me, you'll probably want to insert something chocolaty into these cookie cups.  I have tried using a cookie sheet, instead of the mini muffin pan for my chocolate-less version, and they're drier when they spread out and not nearly as delicious.

I was surprised to compare the nutritional stats to my favorite peanut butter and discover that cookie butter has less calories and less fat.  Totally justifies making cookie butter cookies!

Have you heard of speculoos cookies?  They are classic Belgian cookies which form the the base of cookie butter.  Specifically 57% of cookie butter is comprised of crushed speculoos cookies.

If you don't have a Trader Joe's in your area, and you really want to try cookie butter you can order it on Amazon for almost the same price you'd pay in-store...however the shipping charge is steep.

I've also read that it's similar to Biscoff Spread, so that would be worth a try too.   Not sure where you can buy it though, as I've never tried it.

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  1. My TJ's cookie butter is almost gone, so I am on a mission to make my own.

    BTW, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!