July 10, 2012

Container Garden Update

Seemingly overnight my first tomato plant ever started turning red.  I check the progress of the peppers and tomatoes daily when I water, and was shocked to find a reddish one today.  One of the little hot peppers is just starting to turn too.

This past weekend I noticed the leeks are starting to take on that distinctive leek look.  I'm anxious to see how they turn out because I'm worried that I planted them too close together...unless they're a smaller variety of leek than what I'm accustomed to.

Last year I grew basil and lettuce, and was intending to just add a couple new herbs this year, but I'm so glad I branched out into kale, Swiss chard, tarragon, parsley, cilantro, chives, leeks, peppers, and tomatoes.

I don't even like tomatoes, yet I get a thrill from watching them grow.  How crazy is that?  I also detest cilantro, but Chris loves salsa, so I'm planning to combine the tomatoes, hot peppers and cilantro.

The lower temperatures have been nice because now I'm back to watering only once per day.  However, what we really need is rain.  As the Governor recently declared, Wisconsin crops are threatened by drought conditions

My heart goes out to all the farmers who have to pay for irrigation water.  We just started watering our lawn tonight, on the advice that we're now approaching the 6 week period of dormancy and even dormant grass needs water to survive.


  1. AHHH!! Your garden is amazing! I am so jealous. And in awe.

  2. Your garden looks great. Love the variety of herbs!