June 18, 2012

Wood Orchard Market {Door County}

Chris and I had a great time camping in Door County this past weekend.  If you're interested in reading more about what we did, check out my other blog, KK in MKE

TripAdvisor is a great source of reviews, and Wood Orchard is rated as the #1 thing to do in Door County.  After visiting, I can confirm that TripAdvisors reviews are accurate, this is a great place to visit!

I didn't take any photos inside, but imagine every type of cherry product possible and samples available of almost everything.  The samples were our favorite part because it made it very easy to decide what we wanted to buy.

We sampled sweet cherries from Michigan, apples, cherry donuts (fantastic!), cherry strudel, and many types of salsa, jams, and pretzel dipping sauces.  I took one last photo before we left, and as I forced Chris to pose, he said "My head doesn't fit, I think this is meant for kids." :)

My favorite item that I purchased was a raspberry pretzel dip, which looks like raspberry jam and tastes like a sweet mustard.  I had it once at a potluck, but had never seen it in a store until visiting Wood Orchard. 

As soon as we unpacked the car last night, I was enjoying pretzels and raspberry dip :)  You might be hesitant to buy it because the first ingredient is sugar, but think about how much mustard you can eat at one time.  2 tablespoons is 70 calories, and is likely more dip than you would want anyway.

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  1. Girl, you write 2 blogs!! You are devoted. I thought we had done everything in Door County as spent a week there for our honeymoon, plus multiple other visits, but I have never been to this orchard!