June 03, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese Tour: Dane County Farmers' Market

I convinced some fellow bloggers to meet me at 7am for the Dane County Farmers' Market because the market can become very frustrating after 9am when the capitol square becomes choked with strollers.

It was so worth it to get up early because the lighter crowd allowed us time to chat with many farmers.  For example, the farmer at Blue Skies Farm told us about a heirloom lettuce variety he was selling that is similar to romaine.

I love the variety of items available at the market, everything from honey to cheese to fresh pasta, and of course fruits and vegetables. 

RP's Pasta is one of my favorite fresh pastas, which I had previously only purchased from grocery stores in the area that sell it.  They have so many more varieties available at the market!

Halfway around the capitol square, I realized I needed to stop buying things because my shoulder felt like it might break under the weight of my bag. 

Somehow I managed to make it back to Milwaukee with red and green leaf lettuce, asparagus, pea pods, garlic scapes, cheese (from Hook's and Bleu Mont), gemelli pasta, rhubarb, strawberries, pear jam, and cat grass.

The state capitol provides such a beautiful backdrop for the farmers' market. 

As we left brunch, Lisa pointed out how cool the reflection of the capitol looked in a glass building on E Main St, and I thought it was a fitting parting shot to our time in Madison.

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