June 10, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese Tasting at Home

Chris has been wanting to sample some Wisconsin cheese ever since I returned from my cheese tour last weekend.  After finding a couple local cheeses at Whole Foods this past week, we tried out my new cheese board (courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board) this evening.

Chris has eyed many cheese boards in shops, but never purchased one.  His favorite was in the shape of France, and showed which region each cheese comes from.  The cheese board I was given is a great little set for a wine and cheese tasting.

The design is great.  I love how the tools slide out.  Included are a hard cheese knife, chisel knife, and cheese fork, along with a corkscrew, drip ring, and bottle stopper.

So tonight we sampled Hook's Farmers cheese, Uplands' Pleasant Ridge and Limburger from Chalet Cheese.  Chris was most excited about trying limburger for the first time which I didn't quite understand...you'll notice from the photo above that I cut the least amount of limburger :)

Of course, we didn't start with limburger.  Instead we started with the mildest cheese from Hook's paired with dry red wine.  Then moved onto my favorite, Pleasant Ridge, also paired with red wine.  Finally, we had limburger on rye bread paired with a wheat beer.

I have to admit that that the limburger was quite good with rye bread, brown mustard and onion.  Chris liked all three cheeses, but agreed with me, in terms of favoring Pleasant Ridge.  Tonight's cheese tasting was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again with friends.


  1. How cute! Wonder if I can get my family to try Limburger (I do intend to try)!

  2. Oh, cheese and wine... my weakness in a nutshell :)

  3. I love the cheese tray. It's great for parties too.