June 21, 2012

Container Gardening {Part 2}

My container garden has doubled in size since my last gardening post thanks to a garden center roadside stand sale in my neighborhood.  I now have tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers and tarragon (the only herb that was left).  Each plant was just 50 cents, which was hard to pass up.

Just after I planted my first containers last month, I spotted herb markers at Target which I thought would be a great addition to my containers.  Since Wisconsin people embrace warm weather full force in May, there were very few herb markers left to buy, so I turned to Etsy.

I ordered the ceramic herb markers pictured below from Jen Cameron's Etsy shop, after browsing dozens of options.  By the way, I love Etsy because there are many artistic, crafty in this world, I'm just not one of them :)

I really like the addition of the markers to my containers, and I think they look a lot better than the Target version.

Flowers were also on sale, and I had an empty large container, so it only made sense to add some flowers to our patio as well.  Chris asked if I planned to put the flowers out front, and that would be nice for all the people walking by our house, but we can enjoy them most on the back patio :)

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