May 06, 2012

Cafe One 24 in Brookfield

I've been dining out for lunch fairly often lately, which is great because it gives me the chance to try new restaurants like Cafe One 24 in Brookfield.  It just opened this year and is all about clean eating. 

Their website states "What does our clean eating philosophy mean to you? It’s all about what you won’t get here at Cafe One24: no additives, preservatives, animal fats, unhealthy trans fats, and high caloric, greasy meals. Enjoy a dining experience rich in taste and service, a glass of wine or a microbrew, and feel really good knowing that everything we serve is heart-healthy, as well as delicious."

My co-worker and I both really liked our meals, fish tacos for her and a veggie pita for me.  We were surprised at how nice the restaurant's interior was considering the strip mall facade.  The atmosphere is great!  Our only complaint was the temperature of the restaurant, which was very cool.

The vegetarian options are limited, at least on the lunch menu, however I will definitely be back to Cafe One 24.  Wisconsinites tend to favor huge portions and cheap deals, so I'm fearful this restaurant may not stick around.

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