October 29, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

I wanted to make a fun treat today to take to a friend's house who invited us over for dinner.  My first choice was candy corn sugar cookies, but unfortunately after reading the recipe I realized that the dough needed to chill for several hours.

So instead, I headed to Cake & Bake and purchased white and milk chocolate to dip pretzel rods in.  I decorated with cashews, and two different Halloween-themed sprinkles. 

For dipping, I prefer the way milk chocolate looks, but I like the white chocolate for drizzling.  I love white chocolate, but hate normal chocolate, so I did dip a few in white chocolate for me to eat :)

I packaged each pretzel in a Wilton Pretzel Bag.  I found them on sale for $1.37 at Jo-Ann's and am glad I bought them because I'm not sure how else I would have packaged the pretzels.

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