October 23, 2011

Apple Pie Cookies

I immediately loved the look of an apple pie cookie recipe I saw on Smitten Kitchen today.  However, as I read through the directions, I started wondering if I could take a few shortcuts.  It turns out that you can...and the result is still delicious!

It took me approximately 15 minutes to make 6 apple apple pie cookies, including pie dough from scratch.  A 20 minute bake time means you can enjoy these delicious treats in just 35 minutes! 

I used my grandma's pie crust recipe, one Jonagold apple, and a few sprinkles of cinnamon & sugar.  You'll also need biscuit cutters...I used a 3" cutter (for the pie dough) and a 1.5" cutter (for the apple) from my Pampered Chef set

your favorite pie crust recipe
1 apple (a baking variety)
cinnamon & sugar

As Deb, of Smitten Kitchen, said "Let me make this clear before we go any further that this is pie for crust lovers as the crust-to-filling ratio is off the charts."  I love pie crust and I love these cookies, however I do wish there was a bit more apple flavor. 


  1. What an awesome idea! I love that you get your own pie!

  2. Cool!! I love the idea of little mini pie/cookies. These would be great for a Christmas Cookie plate :-)

  3. DElicious!! Can't believe how easy these are. Great recipe!