September 25, 2011

Foodbuzz 24×24: Autumn Harvest Dinner

Last night was my first time participating in Foodbuzz's 24x24 dinner party, in which 24 bloggers host dinner parties around the globe over a 24-hour period. 

This month's 24x24 had a specific theme: budget-friendly inspiration from your own pantry, which was created to help offset the cost of attending this year's Foodbuzz Blogger Festival.  For my participation, I will receive $250, which greatly helps with the cost of going to San Francisco in November.

Our dinner guests were Jen & Ernesto, who you may remember from the birthday party celebration last weekend.  This weekend has been cold and rainy here in Wisconsin, but yesterday was made better by being able to spend the evening eating and chatting with good friends.

As I was setting the table, I tried to remember what my grandma taught me. 

Appetizers consisted of tomato salsa, Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips and naan pizzas.

For the main course, I chose to make farro soup, not only because we always have the ingredients on hand but because this vegetarian soup satisfies my meat-loving husband.  It's a basic soup, but yet has terrific flavor.

I made bread in our dutch oven for the first time yesterday and was surprised at how well it turned out.  Ernesto asked for the recipe, which was a great sign because he's from Italy and knows good bread :)

I made this same bundt cake last weekend, and it received rave reviews, so I decided to make it again for the dinner party.  Instead of the glaze, I added a dusting of powdered sugar which was a nice alternative, although both finishing methods are tasty.

All of the recipes I made for the September 24x24 can be found on my Recipage...

Tomato Salsa
Naan Pizza
Farro Soup
Rustic Bread
Apple-Walnut Bundt Cake

I really enjoyed hosting a 24x24 dinner and spending the evening with Jen and Ernesto.  Guests who bring vino and a bouquet of peppers are especially loved! 


  1. Wonderful post Karis! Everything looked so beautiful and delicious. Congrats again on the 24x24! Now you get to look forward to traveling to SF and the Foodbuzz conference. :)

  2. Wow this post is super colorful and the food looks amazing!

  3. Wow everything looks incredible, great job!! :)

  4. Thanks again for dinner! I can't wait to make the farro soup!! It was soo good!(And Ernesto will make the break of course)=))

  5. What a great 24x24! That bread looks amazing! You had a wonderful menu for the theme!

  6. I think you did an AMAZING job on your post! You have so many beautiful pictures and everything looks great. Nice job, I can see why they selected you for the 24x24! :)