June 19, 2011

Artichoke Spinach Lasagna & Kiwi Strawberry Parfaits

I am really enjoying having my friend Tracy here this weekend!  We spent a couple hours shopping at Kohl's tonight after having this awesome artichoke spinach lasagna recipe.  I like this recipe because the prep is fairly easy, but you do need to allow an hour or so for baking and cooling.

Post-shopping, we had kiwi & strawberry sorbet parfaits, which were a delicious dessert!  We ate outside by the light of the tiki torches, entertained by Chris who was performing Shakespeare...it was quite the night :)  

You can't see the sorbet in the parfait photo below, but four small scoops were in there and it was amazing.  There are several steps to the sorbet recipe, which require wait time in between (first to chill the mixture, and then to freeze after processing in an ice cream maker), however I definitely think it is worth making!

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  1. I make these 2 at a time and grab and go in the morning. I love these healthy treats.