April 16, 2011

Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups

This cookie recipe has become one of my favorites, despite the fact that peanut butter cookies typically are not a favorite of mine.  I wanted to make a spring version tonight, so I added Reese's Pieces eggs.

I wasn't sure of the best method for shaping the dough and adding the candy, so I made the recipe America's Test Kitchen style and tried four different methods.

The dough shaped before and after baking (on the right below) had a much deeper center that held the candy more easily. 

So the winner was....dough shaped before and after baking, and adding candy after the cookies had completely cooled.  I used a Pampered Chef tart shaper to shape the dough, and a paring knife to remove the cookies from the pan.


  1. Ohh!! They are SO cute! I'm enamored!

  2. They look adorable..love the way you made those little cups..how creative!I love your photos too! Thanks for sharing

  3. Love these!!! :) This could be vessels for so many yummy treats. How cute would a little peep marshmallow be in there?

  4. These are just too cute. I love this idea.