April 16, 2011

Morning Glory Muffins

I can remember eating this type of muffin at my Grandma's church after the service.  I think that generation had some serious baking talent!  This recipe tasted just like the muffins I remember, when I had one for breakfast this morning.

This is one of the three recipes I made last night, that put me in bed after midnight, but it was so worth it :)  It's pretty quick to make, despite the fairly long list of ingredients.  I made the recipe exactly as written with one exception, I subbed craisins for raisins and skipped the soaking method because I don't like plump craisins nor raisins...to me, it's weird to plump up dried fruit.

One recommendation I have is to use a mini food processor to grate the carrots, since 7 oz is needed.  I started hand-grating mine, but quickly grabbed my Cuisinart Mini-Prep when I weighed the first two carrots and it was only a little over an ounce!

We're heading to Madison this morning, where I'll be attending a bridal shower and then meeting up with a large group of Chris' friends from his PhD days at UW-Madison.  Not quite the weekend we had initially planned, since opening day at the Dane County Farmers' Market was going to be first priority, but it's Wisconsin so we've learned how to roll with 40 degrees temperature drops :)

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  1. I received a free trial issue of Cook's Country in the mail yesterday and when I was looking at it this morning, I thought those muffins looked yummy. How funny when I went on your site today and saw that you had made them! Good tip about the carrots. I need a digital kitchen scale too--do you use it a lot?

    Hope you had a great time in Madison despite the icky weather.