April 12, 2011

Mini Pizzas

Tonight was my first and last time attending Monday night bodyflow because the instructor is terrible.  It's too bad because the 7:30pm start time works well with my schedule.  I'd love to do bodyflow more than once a week, but so far have not found an instructor nearly as good as the Wednesday night one :(

I typically just have a quick, light dinner around 9pm when I get home after class, but decided to make pizza rolls instead tonight.  I had leftover sauce and mozzarella cheese from making them the other night, and this time added green pepper and baby spinach.

After one tray of pizza rolls, I decided to make mini pizzas with the remaining dough.  I like the pizza rolls, but I really liked the mini pizzas!  It's weird how the exact same ingredients taste different in a slightly different form.


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