February 02, 2011

Making Candy

I had a lot of fun this evening trying to make candy for the first time on my own.  The hour-long demo I attended at Cake & Bake this past Saturday was the perfect introduction, and all I needed to get started on my own. 

I used two Wilton melting pots and I highly recommend getting at least one if you want to make candy at home.  You need 1 tablespoon of paramount crystals per pound of chocolate for dipping, and 1 tablespoon per 1/2 pound for drizzling.

Pouring dark chocolate into the drizzle bottle. 

Pretzels rods are easy to dip and decorate.  I added Heath bits, cashews and sprinkles, along with chocolate drizzles.

These are fudge oreos.  I bought this shape because I was thinking about doing something football related but next time I'm going to stick with round oreos because they're easier to dip (from what I remember at my cookie-making party back in December).

Graham crackers dip well too.  I particularly enjoyed white chocolate and coconut on the graham crackers.  Notice there were none left for me to photograph :)

Packer colors for our football potluck at work on Friday.

My favorite treat to make however were the nut cups.  To make them, you just squeeze a layer of chocolate on the bottom, then add whatever filling you want (I used a combination of coconut, dried cranberries, cashews and/or Heath bits), squeeze more chocolate on top, and finally garnish with a bit more of the filling on top (which helps people know what's inside).